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4. Sheffield: Sheafside

4. Sheffield: Sheafside

Curtis O'Dell

Sheafside Spot in Sheffield 

Jan_BacktailJan Kliewer, back tail. Ph. Alex Irvine

Sheafside spot in Sheffield inhabits the grounds of an abandoned building at the far end of a Tesco car park. For years the spot has been skated with the addition of little short-term obstacles built up and changed over time. When the ‘Set in Stone’ project was brought in, the whole spot got a good seeing to with new long term features built such as: the ‘whoop de whoop’, a red brick looking double-hipped flat bank, a pole jam, a bank to ledge and a couple quarter pipes. These joined some original obstacles, to make a full rounded, opportunity filled street style spot. Since then, new additions have been built including a manny pad with ledge extension. Some of the local skate community are trying to raise money to continue building and maintaining this spot so by the looks of it, the full potential of Sheafside is still yet to be realised. Unfortunately, the block and flat bar have been recently destroyed by vandals but everything else is still skate-able. If you’re ever in the Sheffield area, Sheafside is definitely worth a visit or two.

Casper_OllieCasper Brooker, ollie. Ph. IrvineCAsper_OllieUpCasper Brooker, ollie up. Ph. Irvine JeromeNGStillJerome Campbell, nosegrind hip to hip. Ph. Irvine



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