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3. Helsinki: Suvilahti

3. Helsinki: Suvilahti

Curtis O'Dell

Suvilahti Spot in Helsinki 

Eniz Fazliov, backside crailslide. Ph. Alex Irvine

Suvilahti is situated within the grounds of a disused industrial complex in Helsinki. The people who owned it initially stated that the skaters could occupy the area until some time in 2014, but who knows what is going to happen as we are soon to approach that date. The DIY build consists of a gnarly mass of concrete tranny flowing between large pump humps to hips, a rainbow extension, big bowl corners and dynamic, naturally flowing concrete waves. Oh, and some transition topped ledges. As its probably clear, Pontus Alv lent a bit of his expertise to this project, helping out with some of the physical construction techniques and adding to the original layout and design. You can see the resemblance in style to some his Malmö build’s. This DIY spot has so much flow and character and definitely has a lot to offer. Get down there if you ever get the chance.

Eniz Fazliov, backside flip. Ph. Alex Irvine

Hjalte Halberg, gap to krooks. Ph. Alex Irvine

Hjalte Halberg, pivot fakie. Ph. Alex Irvine


Here’s a sick edit of Samu Karvonen shredding the spot to its full capacity…



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