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2. Malmö: TBS

2. Malmö: TBS

Curtis O'Dell

TBS (TrainBankSpot) in Malmö

Pontus Alv, Kickflip. Ph. Sam Ashley

Thanks to the recent success of Polar Skate Co and their edits, TBS is probably one of the most well known DIY spots in Europe. Train Bank Spot has gradually grown over time, spreading along the side of an old disused factory in Malmö, Sweden. It was originally built in 2004 in response to the loss of previous DIY spot ‘Savanah Side‘ and consisted of a wall ride and china bank spot. Since then, Pontus Alv and friends have constructed the rest of the surrounding area into an expanse of 100 metres. The spot now features ledges, wall rides, banks, a pole jam, gaps and more flowing transition type elements. TBS has been featured in many of Polar’s edits but can be seen in some local Malmö scene stuff too.

Pontus_Wallride_Photo_by_SamAshleyPontus Alv, wallride wallpaper. Ph. Sam Ashley


This video shows how TBS was made to be skated…

Here’s some more of TBS…


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