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1. Berlin: Betonhausen

1. Berlin: Betonhausen

Curtis O'Dell

Betonhausen Spot in Berlin

Ferit Batir, frontside air. Ph. Adam Sello

Berlin’s Betonhausen spot began as a small DIY concrete quarter pipe collection filling in the space next to an existing skatepark. Since then, it has grown with the help and guidance of Lennie Burmeister and some locals to fill the entire space between the two buildings. Now, the spot entails a large, yet really choppy, mass of concrete transition with plenty of pool-style elements. After the success of the spot, the building on the other side has been taken over by the DIY madness, and now stands as a full indoor DIY park. Theres a decent little series talking about building the original spot and documenting the construction of the indoor section, that might be worth checking out if your interested. Here is the first episode.

In the meantime, check out this more recent little edit highlighting the spot and a new feature…

Here’s some other edits from the Betonhausen DIY spot and adjoining indoor park…


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