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Top 5: DIY Spots in Europe

Top 5: DIY Spots in Europe

Curtis O'Dell

DIY in European Skateboarding

JeromeAndCrewJerome Campbell and the crew in Sheffield. Ph. Alex Irvine

DIY is one of the oldest principles of skateboarding. It is an aspect that every skater will have relied on whether they know it or not. In Europe, the DIY park culture is something growing in popularity and the evidence of this is clear. Through initiatives such as the ‘Set in Stone’ project, Kingpin have been able to document a series of DIY projects across the continent made possible with input from Carhartt and Emerica. This Top 5 features some of Europe’s gnarliest, funnest and most elaborate DIY skate spots. There are so many more sick DIY spots all over, this is just a small fraction of them. Hopefully this article will inspire you to create some of your own spots this winter… or maybe wait till summer.


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