Slept On David Lougedo

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<p>Any old dog out there will understand if I talk about a special breed of new skateboarders that seem to be born with a natural synchronization for any flick of a board. When you see riders like David Lougedo you realize how skateboarding is evolving: faster, smoother, easier, better looking. In David’s case, you can add an easy and honest sight of skateboarding that makes him improvise his tricks on the way. </p>
<p>Maybe his brother has something to do with David having a special opinion of skateboarding, since he was the instigator who insisted until he saw his little brother David on a board.<br />
<strong>“As far as I remember, I’ve always seen my brother on top of a skateboard. I remember he used to insist I should start skating and explain the reasons why, but I didn’t like it. Then, when I was 14 years old, a friend of mine bought one and he would let me try it out. Then I got really interested in it, so I came back to my brother and asked him if he could get me one… At first I skated with my neighbour and my brother, we would go under a bridge close to where I lived. When it rained people would show up, that’s how I started to meet other skaters from my city. Then we started to move around searching for spots…”</strong></p>
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