How Karsten Kleppan won Rookie Of The Year 2013

Karsten is definitely one of the Skaters who we had the most photos of in the mag last year. Here are 13 shots spanning from his Expand released in January to the contents of our December issue and including everything he got the 3 Element Europe trips (Berlin, Morocco and SF) he went on as well as Lakai Europe’s recent Sicilian mission.

Remember that you can click to enlarge.

Frontside 50-50 by Guillaume Anselin


Switch smith by Sem Rubio.


Bluntslide by Sem Rubio.


Switch 50-50 by Sem Rubio.


Frontside flip by Anselin.


Frontside 50-50 by Sam Ashley.


Backside Boneless by Sam Ashley.


Switch Ollie over to 50-50


Backside air by Sam Ashley.


Backside nose grind by Sam Ashley.


Wallride by Sam Ashley.


Backside hurricane by Sam Ashley.


Ollie the channel to lipslide by Sam Ashley.


 Frontside lipslide by Sam Ashley.

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