Helder Lima. Slept On

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<p>Words: Jo Lorenz (Quotes) & David Luther</p>
<p>Helder Lima! Who? Ah, “ED!”</p>
<p>No, we won’t go into depths about this nickname. Let’s just say it matches him quite well. Helder is the kind of kid who owns a spot. He’ll roll up, big grin on his face, he’ll hug his homies and test everybody else’s sense of humour (not intentionally, not in a bad way, this is just the way he is), and then he’ll pop a fs shove it heeler from flatground that could clear a small horse, and make it look like it was nothing. And then, when he’s got your attention, he’ll grin some more, shrug, dangle his arms like a 2007 version of Ray Barbee, and… Nothing. He’ll just be part of the session, and he’ll make you feel comfortable about it. Mostly.</p>
<p>“I met ED for the first time when I was on holiday in Lisbon, visiting my friend and team mate Ricardo Fonseca. He went skating with us a few times, and he impressed me with his style, and his repertoire right away. Ductile like an African antelope!”</p>
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