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Helder Lima. Slept On

Helder Lima. Slept On

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<p>Words: Jo Lorenz (Quotes) & David Luther</p>
<p>Helder Lima! Who? Ah, “ED!”</p>
<p>No, we won’t go into depths about this nickname. Let’s just say it matches him quite well. Helder is the kind of kid who owns a spot. He’ll roll up, big grin on his face, he’ll hug his homies and test everybody else’s sense of humour (not intentionally, not in a bad way, this is just the way he is), and then he’ll pop a fs shove it heeler from flatground that could clear a small horse, and make it look like it was nothing. And then, when he’s got your attention, he’ll grin some more, shrug, dangle his arms like a 2007 version of Ray Barbee, and… Nothing. He’ll just be part of the session, and he’ll make you feel comfortable about it. Mostly.</p>
<p>“I met ED for the first time when I was on holiday in Lisbon, visiting my friend and team mate Ricardo Fonseca. He went skating with us a few times, and he impressed me with his style, and his repertoire right away. Ductile like an African antelope!”</p>
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  1. Nicky

    every single bit of this is true, he currently resides in my home city of newcastle where i met him at exihibition skate park, he’s in his own little skating world where he can do whatever he wants first try on his deck, and for his sense of humour? He can make anyone laugh. He is just generally a cool person to be around and awesome to watch


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