Clyde Singleton on social media self-promotion

The “Everyday Is #ThrowbackThursday/#FlashbackFriday” Guy: Nothing wrong with being proud, and throwing up an old ad, or photo every now & again. But, damn… Almost everyday? Actually. The question here is: How do you even have so many photos of yourself? I barely own my own baby pictures, much less a ¼ of the skateboard photos I’ve ever shot- printed, or not. Yall really out here keeping time capsules of yourself? I thought that’s what photographers, magazines and skate nerds do? Actually. I just answered my own question with the latter.

Who Buys Products From Things That Have No/Little Advertising?: Would you buy some Beats By Chuck Norris headphones? I personally wouldn’t. Know why? They’d more than likely be made cheap, have terrible graphics and would sound like them telephones we all made out of 2 cups and a string as kids. This is what I think when I see someone trying to sell me something, they don’t even have the budget to properly advertise said product with. Yea, them $1 Flakes of Frost taste like Frosted Flakes, but too bad that’s not after two bites. Hold up. Y’all see the duality right there?