Clyde Singleton on social media self-promotion


Words by Clyde Singleton.

I was asked by an old friend, and now Editor of Kingpin Will Harmon to expand on a subject that some find annoying. Others seem to not even care about. And, others seem to take full advantage of – the evolution of self-promotion in skateboarding via social media. Why are skateboarders constantly trying to sell us stuff? Why are they trying to sell themselves off to be “cool” everyday of their lives? Over the past 6-8 months, I’ve personally minimized my Facebook newsfeed to about 50 people based on the increasing number of people participating in the following activities. I only follow about 50 people on Instagram, most of whom are women, so I did a little research for that one. Read, enjoy, hate me, love it. Either way, I’m getting paid for this. Enjoy.

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