Advertising In Skateboarding

An insignia or logo is a big part of a brand’s identity. Take this Julien Stranger Independent ad above for example, you don’t even need to have ‘Independent Trucks’ written on the ad, you know from the logo/insignia, Julien’s surname and the simple burly shot that this is an Indy ad (and it’s fucking raw). The prevalence and importance of visual stimuli in skateboarding is paramount. You’ll be able to spot a Palace T-Shirt from the back from miles off, whether the person wearing it skates or not is a different matter. If the guys running the brand have done it right then it’ll be a logo that looks good, will age well and is something people will be proud to ride or wear. The font of the writing, the colours, the adaptability of a logo and its iconicity make a brand stand out when it comes to its image and its products. Keeping it simple will always look better to me, then again you might like something a bit more complicated.

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