Advertising In Skateboarding

Video adverts were and still are common practice, only these days they’re on youtube rather than in-between segments of a 411. This DC advert for the legendary DC video is a prime example of to make an advert look epic – although with Greg Hunt being behind the lens for the video you’d probably expect a 30 second advert to look pretty decent. Danny Way hitting the mega ramp and bailing, cutting out halfway through AVE doing a switch backside nosegrind, some scenic shots and then a simple fade to “The DC Video” is all you need. The following Habitat “Mosaic” advert is also a great example of a company’s aesthetic shining through and teasing you. A video advert, within a video, for an upcoming video doesn’t happen very often these days really; at least not in a physical format video. With the explosion of the internet and the impact that it’s had on skate culture, amazing adverts such as this one can often be lost quickly into the ether. However this Jon Sciano Lakai example also demonstrates the culture of single/solo part releases online, rather than full length clips. Although reminiscence over the 411 days gone by is a bit futile and the modern day video adverts are just as good, if not better, the video adverts we used to know, are now a different animal in a different landscape.