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Vans: The Kris Vile Files Comp

Vans: The Kris Vile Files Comp

Arthur Derrien Arthur Derrien


Kris Vile CompTo celebrate the release of The Kris Vile Files we’ve decided to give you a chance to win the whole set of Vans goods shown above. All you have to do is read his interview in our latest issue and answer one very simple question:

  Who was Kris Vile’s first shop sponsor? 



Featured in this post

  1. H.p. Winkler

    Ideal Skateshop

  2. Skin_Flick

    Ideal skateshop

  3. Rihards Bondars

    The Ideal Skateshop!

  4. Tom Hogan


  5. Marçal Aragones Rom


    1. Marta Noés

      Ideal Skateshop

  6. Mario

    Ideal skateshop !

  7. jack cowling

    Ideal skateshop in birmingham

  8. Louis Davies

    ideal skateshop

  9. Santtu

    Ideal Skateshop

  10. Dom Byler

    ideal skateshop

  11. Dan McCusker

    Ideal skateshop

  12. William Sly

    Ideal Skateshop

  13. Gabriel Siebers

    His first board sponsor was Ideal skateshop!

  14. Gabriel+Siebers

    oh I mean Shopsponsor 😀

  15. Hans Andreas Lange

    Ideal skateshop, Birmingham.

  16. Juankio

    Ideal skateshop, Birmingham. 😀

  17. Masson Jerome

    Ideal skateshop

  18. Roland Buchan

    Ideal g

  19. Joseph Thompson

    Ideal Skate Shop

  20. Karlis Zaharans

    Ideal Skateshop.

  21. Robert Furness

    Ideal Skate shop

  22. Gereon Brune

    His first shop sponsor was Ideal Skateshop from Birmingham

  23. Christian Lehmann

    It was the Ideal Skateshop in Birmingham and he got on for boardsliding the big WH Smiths rail in the City centre.

  24. Al Kahnoviç

    iDeAL sK8 sHoP …

  25. D. A.

    Ideal Skateshop

  26. Martin Schvandtner

    Ideal Skateshop!!

  27. johan franzén

    Ideal Skateshop!

  28. Simon de Harenne

    Ideal Skateshop.

  29. biswatchin

    It was Ideal Skateshop !

  30. Llŷr Garmon Jones

    Kris Vile’s first shop sponsor was Ideal Skate Shop!

  31. Matthieu+THOMAS

    Kris Vile’s first shop sponsor is Ideal Skateshop !!

  32. Jose Luis Guerrero

    Ideal Skateshop

  33. Bryn W

    His first sponsor was Ideal Skate Shop

  34. federico ultimini

    It was Ideal skate shop

  35. May Lee


  36. Paul

    It was ideal skateboard ship

  37. Théo

    Ideal skateshop!

  38. Lehmi

    Ideal Skateshop in Birmingham :)

  39. Dave

    Ideal Skateshop 4 sure!!!

  40. Ben Thillens

    That would be Ideal Skateshop

  41. Nathan Holden

    IDEAL skateshop, Birmingham

  42. HK

    IDEAL Skateshop in Birmingham!!!

  43. Nanny

    Ideal Skateshop!

  44. Davide

    Ideal Skateshop

  45. NachoCocrispis


  46. aitor

    Ideal Skateshop

  47. sonia

    Ideal Skateshop

  48. Michael O'Sullivan

    Ideal Skateshop

  49. Henry Calvert

    Ideal Skateshop in B-town

  50. Gerald Dumke

    Ideal Skateshop !

  51. Isaburb

    Ideal Skateshop


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