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Vans 2013 Warped Tour Comp

Vans 2013 Warped Tour Comp

Arthur Derrien Arthur Derrien




Want to win two tickets for the London stop of Vans 2013 Warped Tour? All you need to do is answer this very simple question:

How many dates is the Vans Warped Tour playing in 2013 in Europe?

Remember to leave your answer (and email address) in the comments section below and indicate which day you would like to go.

Please keep in mind that Vans are only giving away tickets and will not cover any additional costs (travelling, hotel, food, drinks, etc.)

For more information about the 2013 Vans Warped Tour head over to this page.


  1. Henry Calvert

    they’re playing 6 :) and the 16th.

  2. Isabel

    6 dates, 16th

  3. Davide

    6 dates, the 17th

  4. Luke Palmer

    6 dates (Berlin, Eindhoven, London for 2 days, Bern, Vienna) the 17th please.


    6 dates. Sun 17th.

  6. Seth Wrightson Cross

    6 dates, the 17th!!


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