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Sweet Skateboards' photographic series comp (issue 115).

Sweet Skateboards' photographic series comp (issue 115).

Arthur Derrien Arthur Derrien

Nikwen’s board:                           Deeli’s board:



All you need to do for a chance to win one of these two boards from Sweet’s photographic series is tell us in the comments section below who you think would win in a game of S.K.A.T.E between our current photographer Nikwen and ex-Kingpin photographer Deeli and why. Here’s some old Deeli footage (it’s from 1990 but was the only thing I could find) and a Nikwen part to help you out in case you’ve never had a chance to skate with either of them.


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  1. usedshoe

    Nikwen would win, simply because he is your current photographer and thus has the power and will to destroy every competitor.

  2. Afonso Ramos Fernandes

    let me taste that board… SWEEEEETTTTTT

  3. Dinko

    Nikwen would win cause he looks like a grandma and everybody knows that grandma knows best.

  4. Todor

    Nikwen would win because switch heelflip.

  5. gerardo villegas

    plz, let me get a deck y’all. i’ll be repping in gainesville.

    1. gerardo+villegas

      Nikwen would win by the way. because it looks like he’s got a wider trick selection, and he’s younger.

  6. Anton Kröger

    Nikween would win and i would win the board 😛

  7. Nathan Pickard

    Nikwen would win, he’s got youth on his side.

  8. mariosk8

    Nikwen just for the drop at begin of his part!

  9. Niklasoymo

    Deeli, I can imagine he can do varial flips for days.

  10. Kangabrew

    Unfortunately not Deeli, cause of “berrics” feet on the ground no no-comply’s etc :-(

  11. Adrian

    Nikwen would win because he want his board in my living room 😉

  12. Thomas S

    obviously deeli would win because he had some aggressive ass style 23 years ago. that wallride grab fakie was just sick. maybe with some tactical playing and doing some oldschool shit like pressure flips he would kick nikwens ass

  13. Toby


  14. Massimo

    Obviously Deeli would win easily if they both wore knee pads. Without them it would be a tight game.

  15. Javier

    Nikwen. Nice video part.

  16. Vincent

    I’d say Nickwen could destroy it if he gets all his tricks first try, but if Deeli gets a turn and starts throwing down some old school tricks, then it would be a very close game!

  17. Per Arne

    I’d say Deeli would nail it with a trick on the wall

  18. Rando

    Nikwen, because he is much younger, so he probably can do better modern tricks and for a young age he’s learning new tricks every day. But, hey, it’s just a wild guess since Deeli footy is old and don’t convey he’s abilities on skateboard at this time.

    All the best!

  19. Karlis+Zaharans

    DEELI takes it fosho. So what is he`s older, just like fine vine, the older the better!

  20. Gonzalo Doria Perez de Azanza


  21. Llyr Jones

    As Deeli has pretty old skool footage in a game of s.k.a.t.e it would be hard to beat Nikwen with his modern style of skating and he must have wide range of tricks.I must say also that Nikwen’s video footage that was on offer is well filmed /edited and very sick.

  22. Curtis O'Dell

    isnt it obvious? its a trick question! Neither would win because they are both too cool for a ‘game of skate’. everyone knows that games of skate are for kids and straight up bitches… and by the looks of the killer footage, Nikwen and Deeli are far from either. simple. case closed motherfucker

  23. : D

    Deeli…, because he would beat Nikwen’s ass & take him out even before they got a chance to start. Young punk took his old job & thinks he’s better than him, we’ll see about that! ; )

  24. Louis


  25. william

    Nikwen as the grandmas wrinkles will out class!!!!!

  26. Justine

    Nikwen would win because it looks like my grandma!

  27. federico ultimini

    Kikwen because he has more style and technical tricks and the way he pops is way higher.

  28. Jamie

    I think Nikwen would win on account of his youth, enthusiasm and the footage showing his range of tricks and overall versatility.


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