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Santa Cruz BBQ set competition.

Santa Cruz BBQ set competition.

Arthur Derrien Arthur Derrien

For a chance to win this sick Santa Cruz BBQ set all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us what’s on the menu of your ideal BBQ. Remember to stick your email address in there too so that we can hit you up if you win.

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?ABBSCR Screaming Mini BBQ_Inside

  1. Brian Inglis

    I’d definitely slap my girlfriend’s head on the BBQ…

  2. Michael Murphy

    spicy sausages and burger yum! (email)

  3. federico ultimini

    spare ribs left few hours in beer so they get tender, italian sausages made out with pure pork meat pieces of fat and some spices, and as a grand finale a T bone with a bit of rosmary and olive oil, just awesome.

  4. Mia Fergusson

    Steak !!! big fat rump steak mmmmmm

  5. Trigggggeeeerrrrrrrr

    Backside roast beef with a tossed Salad grind….

  6. juan

    lo mejor es unas lonchas de bacon, un poco de chorizo del picante, hamburguesas de pollo y salchichas alemanas, todo esto acompañado de una ensalada con tomate, lechuga, maíz y olivas

  7. Matt

    meat, meat and meat

  8. Jordan Yeates

    Jerk Chicken all the way!

  9. Simona Rossi

    I would grill some hot dogs to eat with roasted onions, some hamburgers and then… Marshmallows to finish the party with! 😉

  10. Andrew Halliwell

    Idea; bbq? Burgers, sausages, steak, chicken, lots of buns and lashings of ketchup and brown sauce.

    1. Andrew+Halliwell

      Pah… IDEAL bbq… silly typo

  11. Joe Munsey


  12. Helen Dickinson

    I am a huge fan of chicken kebabs on the BBQ. I love adding pepper and tomatoes on them! Thanks for a fab comp :) x

  13. Ben Cook

    Piri-piri chicken kebabs with whiskey soaked bbq ribs!

  14. Travadams

    The answer you’re looking for is, “this meat on your grill!”
    Make sure that bad boy is stocked full of good ol’ English lager, on ice, when you ship it this way!

  15. philip williamson

    Melted cheese and bacon burgers with chilli sawce, an. Few brews

  16. Fiona

    Definitely NOT meat, I’m vegetarian. Grilled vegetables and halloumi are my BBQ faves.

  17. Paul Jewell

    It has to be very rare simply seasoned char grilled thick steaks!

  18. iain maciver


  19. Andy

    monkfish tails with sweet chilli marinade…& maybe some tiger prawns as well


    oh this would be nice


    prawns dipped in mango chutney

  22. Katherine Gregory

    Lemon & Ginger marinated salmon

  23. Samj

    spicy chicken

  24. Mary Heald


  25. Rebecca Gregory

    Salmon kebabs

  26. Simon Oakley

    lots of sausage

  27. Christopher Foott

    On my Santa Cruz BBQ, I would cook kangaroo.
    Because exotic meat is what I like to eat.
    But my wife who is quite petite,
    Does not eat any kind of meat.
    So we would be torn,
    Whether to BBQ meat or quorn.
    But I think I would be clear to say,
    We would both enjoy the beer Hooray!

  28. Emma C

    Whole salmon….phwoooarrr…so what’s everyone else having?

  29. Beverley

    peri peri chicken

  30. Cath English

    Halloumi, Chorizo & Vegetable Kebabs. King of Kings!

  31. Andrew Thorpe

    Salmon, langoustines and scallops

  32. jae baker

    steak and corn on the cob oh and smores for good measure

  33. Martina Pichova

    Chicken and lots of vegetables and veggie burgers for my OH.

  34. Lucy J

    My ideal BBQ menu would include cheese burgers definitely, they’re delicious! Sausages and steak too

  35. terry mealing

    my ideal barby is cooked by someone else

  36. leah gorman

    minted lamb

  37. Sean Hoggard


  38. Mark Oakley

    This year, for me, it’s all about the applewood BBQ chips for adding great flavour to gammon and chicken!

  39. Avs

    Spicy chicken

  40. Alan Johnson


  41. Roger Bufton

    A 2lb Grayling fish,scallops and tiger prawns,Baps lightly toasted, lettuce wraps.

  42. Tracy north

    BBQ spare ribs

  43. chris coleman

    Butterflied leg of lamb

  44. jayne ashfield

    Chicken kebabs, Burgers, Sausage, Steak, Ribs and lots of baps and condiments

  45. John Rutland

    spicy chicken and chips

  46. Sean L.Lee

    Sirloin steaks,duck breasts,belly pork,langoustines,lamb shoulder,corn cobs.


    crispy fresh salad and fresh bread to go with …… steak

  48. R. Dixon

    Sticky mint lamb steaks, bar b q corn cobs and bar b q finished new potatoes, yummy!

  49. Stephen Mincher

    Grilled salmon all the way!!!

  50. brett pereira

    Would love this fab bbq

  51. Andrew

    Ah! A whopping big T Bone steak,please.

  52. alex b

    Sausages and kebabs!!

  53. Judith Lightfoot

    Fillet of Salmon

  54. Vikki Louise Sanderson

    Sticky BBQ Chicken

  55. Kim Neville

    Steak, chicken and pepper kebabs

  56. H

    perfect for this weather!

  57. Rach Riches

    Its got to be Pulled Pork in BBQ sauce

  58. Angie Allen

    Chicken & Waldorf salad

  59. Sara B

    Lots of halloumi – just love the way it goes charred and crispy on the outside and is gooey in the middle!

  60. Michael Clarke

    Marinaded squid in a hot chilli sauce with salad.

  61. Alan C

    belly pork marinaded in salt and chilli

  62. diana jones


  63. Phil Darling

    Belly Pork marinated in chilli and Ginger

  64. Rob Flower

    Peppered Steak
    Jerk Chicken
    Sweet Chilli, Pork & Apple Sausages
    Corn on the cob with chilli and lime
    Jerk pork n pineapple skewers
    Lamb koftas


  65. Robert Noble

    A nice juicy steak smothered in English mustard.

  66. mark everson

    Chinese 5 spice belly pork, sticky chicken wings, peppered beef, jacket potato and home made coleslaw. yum yum.

  67. jason fallows

    spicy chicken,chicken breasts and legs,sausages,burgers,corn on the cob,yummy!!!

  68. Mr Danny Cox

    Yes please!

  69. Andy W

    Lincolnshire sausages with a sidedish of Lincolnshire sausages and a bit of HP too

  70. jennie jackson

    I love prawns and seafood on the BBQ. I like to season them with chilli and garlic

  71. Martyn Cook

    Steak !!! big fat rump steak mmmmmm YES PLEASE !!

  72. Sarahann Tonner

    Chicken skewers with peppers. Yum!!

  73. Pocoyo

    12oz steaks, snorkers, chicken breasts soaked in piri-piri. Nice potato salad followed by lashings of ginger beer.

  74. Pete

    Shoulder of lamb. Marinated in mint and olive oil.

  75. David Paterson

    Steak all the way!!!!

  76. David M

    Wow that’s such a neat & compact BBQ to travel with

  77. Liz

    home made steak burgers, skewered veg,corn on the cob, baked potatoes and it’s never a BBQ without sausages!

  78. belinda porter

    sausages beef burgers and corn on the cob

  79. Anna M

    Grilled fish

  80. neil davies

    proper butchers sausages and big juicey burgers

  81. Melanie Allen

    we love fresh fish and prawns with salad

  82. Maureen

    chicken legs, spiced up yummmm

  83. Holly Smith

    Chicken Drumsticks which have been marinated in Nandos sauce! yum!

  84. Andy

    I would make a Tapas selection, including Pancetta wrapped figs, Smoked Paprika rack of ribs, chilli scallops, pulled pork, paprika prawns, honey glazed chorizo, gazpacho in cucumber cups, good sangria, loads of sunshine and excellent company

  85. andrea clowes

    quorn burgers

  86. Isobel Gibbons

    tuna steaks perfect

  87. David Paterson

    Chioken kebabs

  88. Angela Dunne

    prawn, pineapple and halloumi kebabs

  89. James Bobbett

    lamb and sauage kebabs with a spicey cauce

  90. adele leek

    Lamb and Mint Burgers.

  91. Layla fletcher

    Sausages, burgers, chicken and prawns yummy

  92. Ritakd

    Garlic prawns, steak & kebabs

  93. Leah

    Steak, chicken, sweetcorn all yum 4 my bbq

  94. kayleigh bates

    A good burger, nice and simple

  95. David Munro

    Chicken Piri-Piri

  96. john radburn

    BURGERS BURGERS and hot BQ sauce on them…In a bun .yum

  97. Rebecca Maddocks

    Homemade beef burgers with cheddar cheese and lashings of ketchup.

  98. Zsolt Nagy

    Sausage,steak,chicken and salad+whiskey 😀

  99. catherine


  100. WISHGIRL123

    I would cook giant prawns marinated with chili – yum!

  101. glenn hutton

    Sticky BBQ ribs…

  102. Samantha Lea

    Jerk chicken and corn on the cob , mmmm

  103. Julia

    My favourite BBQ is Greek style. I would start with grilled Halloumi cheese followed by marinated chicken souvlakia, grilled peppers and a Greek salad loaded with home grown tomatoes and Feta cheese. Now where’s that Ouzo? Thanks.

  104. Hayley Bolt

    BBQ Ribs – yummy

  105. sue seaman

    spare ribs the way my friends mum does them she wont share the recipe but god they are lush x

  106. Ian Campbell

    I love anything off a BBQ

  107. Gary Topley

    A nice bit of steak always goes down well.

  108. Kerry v

    Sausages, chicken tikka kebabs, corn and baked potatoes. Marshmallows to finish.

  109. katharine williams

    bbq spare ribs

  110. julie macmillan

    Vegetable burgers jacket spuds corn on the cob and masses of side dishes :)

  111. Craig Charlton

    Steak and Prawns, BBQ’d surf and turf,

  112. Laura H

    Summer barbecues take some beating,
    Saucy ribs make great eating!

  113. Alison

    Ribs are my fave with loads of beer

  114. Ian

    A nice thick juicy steak done just enough to get rid of the blood.

  115. gary wilson

    sausages,burgers,ribs,chicken drumsticks.gotta get the barbie out now!!

  116. laura banks

    sweet chilli chicken kebabs

  117. Kieran


  118. Amanda Seville

    Vegetable skewers drizzled in sweet chilli sauce

  119. Julia Kerr

    Loads of veggie goodies 😀 baked potatoes, veggie sausages and burgers, kebabs made of onion & cherry tomatoes & pepper, hallumi…*Drools* Finished off with bananas slit in half (stop just before you reach bottom skin) then chocolate pieces put in and baked on the bbq!

  120. aj

    I love the sausage and burger served with a cold beer and salad

  121. Rikki

    Has to be BBQ pork ribs

  122. stuart johnstone

    has to be burgers with ice cold beer

  123. Bruce

    BBQ ribs

  124. Emmaline hill

    giant shrimp skewers, shawarma, sausage, chicken kebab, and not forgetting the caramelised onion beef burgee!

  125. Emmaline+hill

    giant shrimp skewers, shawarma, sausage, chicken kebab, and not forgetting the caramelised onion beef burger!

  126. Vakhida

    Sausages and yummy burgers

  127. David Haig


  128. Susan Howitt

    Marinaded steak in a chilli pepper sauce, accompanied by courgette and mushroom kebabs

  129. Sharon Batten

    Steak, shrimp and some hallumi, followed by bbq’d pineapple. YUM

  130. Garry Bonnick

    half of a cow!

  131. John Kidd

    Chicken and pepper kebabs brushed with honey.

  132. Dulip Perera

    Jerk chicken, kebabs with whiskey soaked bbq ribs!served with a cold beer/ Whiskey and salad

  133. Gavin Robertson

    Sticky ribs

  134. Kathryn Davies

    Can’t beat lamb chops and cumberland sausages!

  135. Rhianon Huelin

    Burgers and Sausages at V Festival if I win :)

  136. keren mary curran

    bbq ribs

  137. Steph Fitzpatrick

    Gotta be bananas, skin on, slit down the middle, chocolate inside. Plced in foil in the coals so the chocolate melts all gooey, mmmmmmmmm

  138. claire woods

    Veggie sausages.

  139. June Etherington

    Jumbo sausages, onion rings, piri piri chicken, beef burgers,pork burgers, steaks soaked in ale, all done on the barbie. Loads of salad, lot’s of home made sauces & dips, & not forgetting the Pimms & ice cool beers. Should be something be something for everyone there.

  140. Jenifer

    I make some mean spicy chicken drumsticks (tumeric, paprika, garlic salt, soy and white wine vinegar marinade)

    I bet they’d taste amazing on a BBQ!

    Jen x

  141. Lisa C

    Peri Peri Chicken, Sticky Ribs and lots of sausages!

  142. Jinene Castellano

    Minted lamb burger, minted lamb steaks, SAUSAGES, chick drumsticks, satay chicken skewers (soooooo good) and crispy corn on the corn for ‘healthy section’

  143. Michelle Bosomworth

    chicken in a garlic sauce

  144. Ilona

    BBQ chicken wings! delicious..:))

  145. Jan Wroblewski

    Glazed ribs and plenty of napkins.

  146. Darren Roberts

    My ideal BBQ menu would be a rump steak served with a bit of gammon, sausages a lamb shop and a pork steak with barbecue sauce on the side

  147. Danielle Winsland

    Sticky BBQ Ribs, Lamb koftas and sweet chilli chicken, not forgetting burgers an sausages!

  148. Jackie Allum

    Thick Pork Strips with Jack Daniels BBQ smothered all over them.

  149. laura morgan

    a vegetarian BBQ-
    1. mushroom, red pepper, cherry tomato and red onion kebab skewers
    2. jacket potatoes
    3. homemade chickpea and lentil burgers with sweet chilli and garlic sauce
    4. garlic bread slices

  150. Martin Hutton

    Baby back ribs and a homemade burger

  151. Martin+Hutton

    Baby back ribs and a homemade burger

  152. Darren Abbott


  153. Petr

    kangaroo steaks

  154. Louise Smith

    Burgers & Bangers

  155. pete

    rump steak and baked potatoes

  156. Samantha Smith


  157. Karen Richards

    Baked potato, corn on the cob and skewers.

  158. Hei Lim

    meat all the way!

  159. Paul

    Hamburgers with ketchup and mustard.

  160. Herbert Appleby

    Korean style marinated meats

  161. Leonie

    Piri piri chicken!

  162. Rich Tyler

    Jack Daniels Marinated Steak! MMM! 😉

  163. Joanne Mapp

    My family really enjoy home made chilli burgers and barbecue spare ribs.

  164. Julien Maindrot

    Spicy chicken and potatoes embers and cold beer, best BBQ!

  165. James Watson


  166. Kelly Koya

    Paella! Or chicken on a beer can.

  167. Stuart Dunscombe

    Surf n turf…king prawns and steak kebabs

  168. Karen Barrett

    Bananas smothered in chocolate and peanut butter, yummy!

  169. Emma Harkness

    Spatchcock (hahaha) chicken-with a piri-Piri rub.

  170. Drew Dibble

    Prawn and chorizo skewers! Nom nom!

  171. sandi

    I’d make tandoori chicken, burgers and maple glazed sausages.

  172. Andrew Rowlands

    Ribs and marinated breast of lamb,mmmmm

  173. greta blacklock


  174. debbie davies

    Jerk Chicken mmmm spicy!!

  175. Darren Rogers


  176. Elaine

    Fresh Mackeral fillets wrapped in foil with lemon juice – perfect for this weather

  177. Michael Gibson

    Massive bangers

  178. keith glover

    Plenty of hot food and plenty of cold ale,
    perfect summer

  179. Samantha Vass

    Minted lamb burgers with beetroot mayo. Trust me, it works!

  180. martin kistell

    Kebab Skewers, with diced beef/pork/spicy chicken, vine tomatoes, peppers and sliced onions, coated with a smokey beer sauce.

  181. Russell Poynter

    Mackerel for great mackerel burgers!


    a good old Herefordshire rump steak

  183. silviaz80

    aubergine, pepper, archinove, sausages,corn…All the food!!!

  184. Felicity Morris

    minted lamb burgers

  185. joanne darnell

    veggie burgers

  186. Robin Harris

    Fillet mignon!



  188. Gillian Shiels

    Rib-eye steak that has been marinaded with chilli and garlic for 24 hrs.

  189. Susie M

    Corn cobs, tuna and salmon steaks, baked potatoes wrapped in foil and done in the charcoal . . . and really cold beer.

  190. Andrew Hindley

    Burgers,Sausages,Chicken,Salmon and Baked Potatoes

  191. david holland

    Burgers, salmon and sausages :)

  192. Christopher Trafford

    All the above with a few cans to wash it down

  193. shane weir

    Steak !!! big fat rump steak mmmmmm

  194. Dawn Henson

    Spare Ribs, Steak, Chicken, Sausages, Corn on the Cob and Baked Potatoes. My mouths watering now!!

  195. Gemma lee

    Steak for the hubby, sausages for the kids

  196. Hazel Wright

    Homemade burgers loaded with garlic and chilli and various other yum factors, ice cold beer, marshmallows!


    basics really – Richmond irish sausages to make hotdogs with caramalised onions

  198. Laura Silver

    Only the usual Sausages and Burgers on my BBQ, the kids dont eat much else :(

  199. Frances Sunshine Hopkins


  200. Audrey Tebbs

    Steak, spare ribs and chicken kebabs

  201. Dawn Fletcher

    Chicken breast fillets

  202. katie coup

    chilli burgers yum, yum


    king prawns and scallops

  204. Sue

    It wouldn’t matter what meat or veg I cooked on this prize winning BBQ as it would all taste delicious. As a favorite for dessert, a banana with marshmallows wrapped in silver foil tastes lovely. The marshmallows melt and coat the banana making it the ideal yummy sweetie treat for the kiddies, and us…

  205. Laura Pritchard

    Good quality steak burgers!

  206. Patricia Edwards

    Prawns or any seafood, with lots of chilli sauce

  207. Alison Bruce

    Steak done on the bbq is great



  209. Alison Johnson

    I am a vegetarian so just love veggie skewers. But my Hubby makes traditional Jamiacan chicken which goes down a storm with our friends.

  210. John Thomson

    Salmon marinated in a sticky Thai sauce

  211. Tracey Woods

    Red Peppers roasted with garlic and melted goats cheese

  212. Dinko

    Мариновани марули

  213. Tom Baines

    king prawns, tuna steaks and beer

  214. Dave Edwards

    Steak, pure and simple

  215. philip hall

    Peppered Steak
    Jerk Chicken
    Sweet Chilli, Pork & Apple Sausages
    Corn on the cob with chilli and lime
    Jerk pork n pineapple skewers
    Lamb koftas


  216. Jess Mandeville

    I’d cook Jerk BBQ ribs, Escovitch fish, my mate’s homemade burgers and chicken marinaded in my secret recipe hot sauce. Perfect

  217. Barrie Phillips

    Tiger Prawn Kebebs with mango and red pepper finished with a ginger and lime sauce,Kangaroo burgers for something exotic,veggie burgers for those that only eat that type of food and the usual burgers,steaks and pork chops.That lot should keep them happy.Chilled beers and soft drinks on the side.

  218. angiesandhu

    Lamb mince kebabs with onion and coriander.

  219. Arth'naud


    make your choice:

    – Garlic fried frogs
    – Beef tongue marinated in basilic with “espelette” hot pepper
    – Honey marinated snails



    or…(my neighbour’ production)

    Bonsoir chez vous !

  220. Joanne Micallef

    Seabass stuff with herbs and lemons
    Corn of cob with chilli butter
    Jacket potatoe
    Prawns marinade in garlic
    BBQ aubergines and courgettes

  221. Vicky

    Chicken, chorizo and halloumi skewers, with mushrooms, peppers and onions!

  222. Geoff French

    T-bone steak and preferably someone else cooking it in this weather.

  223. Ashleigh


  224. Rebecca Shelton

    sweet chilli skewers mmm :)

  225. Solange

    BBQ tamarind salmon with lemongrass, chilli & ginger

  226. evelyn dainty

    more meat the better

  227. Charlote Thornton

    Lamb Chops, to be eaten with your hands!!!

  228. thomas yeoman

    has to be minted lamb ribs

  229. Massimo

    Halloumi & fresh punani.

  230. chirag patel

    chicken chilli kebabs

  231. Helen

    Halloumi-topped burgers

  232. Nancy Bradford

    BBQ burgers – old school.

  233. BatmansBride

    Loads of big juicy ribs!

  234. Dawn Adams

    Sausages and Sweetcorn

  235. Hannah ONeill

    Steak or chicken

  236. Isabelle Smith

    bqq chicken x

  237. Daniel Grimes

    Belly pork and black pudding

  238. Helen Grayson

    Sausages and burgers with onions :)

  239. TIm Marchant-jones

    Home made burgers stuffed with apricots

  240. Danielle Graves

    kebabs and ribs

  241. Matthew Collins

    Sausages, burger, chicken, steak and no salad

  242. Kate Edwards

    chicken pepper and chorizo kebabs!

  243. Karen Lloyd

    Sweet chilli sausages

  244. Stuart Payne

    Ribs covered in barbecue sauce

  245. Nikki Danielle Webber

    Chicken Tikka Kebabs 😀 x

  246. elisa wright

    Chicken kebabs

  247. vid ram

    A Veggie kebab – Potatoes / tomatoes / peppers and courgettes

  248. Vid Ram

    A Veggie kebab – Potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and courgettes

  249. avelte2000

    lambs ribs

  250. san

    jacket potatoes

  251. Melissa Peakman

    King prawns skewered with cherry tomatoes, red onion and padron peppers – delicious!

  252. lottiegirl

    Burgers, sausages and big portobello mushrooms… juicy and gorgeous!


    BBQ chicken burgers
    corn on the cob
    potato salad
    mixed rice
    Jerk pork & pineapple skewers

  254. Kirsty N

    Plenty of steaks, sausages and some wine!

  255. Clare H

    big chunky burgers and some onion

  256. Anna B

    salmon and some massive mushrooms and peppers, yum

  257. Jill Osborne

    Vegeburgers, kebabs and ice cold beer

  258. sue

    grilled salmon skewers

  259. mymojo32

    Minted Lamb Kebabs, Sausages & Cider

  260. Joanne

    grilled chicken and pepper skewers

  261. Kristy Brown

    Homemade Beefburgers and Peri Peri chicken

  262. cassie bedford

    sirlion steak with a rub and slight glaze of bbq sauce

  263. Chris Nichol

    Next doors dog, that beggar never stops barking.

  264. Lesley Bain

    Seafood! Swordfish and tuna steaks marinated overnight in fridge, and my fav, king prawn skewers :)

  265. Joanne Kelly

    Oh man, I make a mean pulled pork (loadsa spices, pure cane molasses & slow cooked pork). I serve it with postato salad & hot crusty bread. It’s too nice!

  266. Michaela

    bananas stuffed with marshmallows and wrapped in foil …yummy

  267. Rachel B

    I love a nice big juicy rib eye steak and some BBQ ribs

  268. Claire Bbdiva Butler

    Nice quality qtr pounders served with salad, spicy mayo, cheese slice, mushrooms and red onion. Chinese spiced pork steaks and belly pork. Chinese chicken wings, hot & spicy drumsticks. Variety of sausages, garlic bread and corn on cob

  269. Jayne B

    Juicy marinated steaks with a mango chutney and served with a crunchy salad, coleslaw and barbecued corn on the cob

  270. Dani Blumlein

    Definitely bavarian sausages to remind me of home

  271. sally rees

    got to be chicken keebabs with a peanut dip

  272. Bohdan Kuczynski

    lovely rump steak simply grilled

  273. lisa anderson

    Chicken marinated in barbeque sauce.

  274. John Hill

    Steaks, beef burgers, sausages, pork chops

  275. Ryan Insley

    Im gonna try and do a roast dinner on the bbq….. is it possible? Lets see!!!

  276. Linds Philpot

    Bacon potato salad

  277. william

    all you need is a glass of beer and BACON no guy dosnt like BACON!!!!!!!!!!!

  278. Ross Brunton

    beer meat and crete. and beer. and meat. and crete.

  279. Anton Ashcroft

    bbq chicken nuggets,
    some steak,
    jerk chicken,
    and a load of kebabs with a tonne of sauce capped off with a keg of Heineken!


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