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Levi's comp from issue 117.

Levi's comp from issue 117.

Arthur Derrien Arthur Derrien

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Alright guys, this month we’ve only got one comp but the Levi’s gear we’ve got up for grabs is pretty banging. All you need to do to get your hands on it is tell us where you think the next “Builder’s Jam” should take place and why. Remember to leave your email address in the comment so that we can hit you up if you win.

Watching the recap of this year’s the edition might help:





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  1. Paulo

    Here’s my comment… haha. Well, I want a large! :)

  2. Christopher

    yeah, cool Stuff and nice DIY Action.
    I have the Levi’s “Builders Jam Hannover” Magazine at home.
    I wish next Jam should take place in Wuppertal or Düsseldorf. 😉 Peace!

  3. marc


  4. marc

    very slid

  5. Nuutti

    Next Builders jam would be nice to have in Turkish or in something country where skateboarding isin`t so popular thing so skateboarding would grow more worldwide.

  6. Toms Šilders

    hellllllllll yeahh

  7. Mark


  8. LewMatic420

    i swear that grey levi’s jumper is really nice would love one of those!

  9. Rory

    London needs a DIY like this because Southbank life is in the balance!

  10. GD

    Commenting here.

  11. GD

    Ah, best to read before hitting return. Next builders jam should be in Dundee of course!

  12. Louis

    Cool, i hope i Will win , thanks for all kingpin mag !!

  13. Sam

    Southampton (Romsey Brewery)
    We have a few things down there but people round here aren’t great with building so it tends to come crumbling down, real bummer as the plot is massive and has a lot of potential!

  14. Thomas Searson

    I’d appreciate a new jumper, thanks

  15. J

    nice DIY!

  16. Phil

    I´d love to see something like the “Builders Jam” in the southern part of germany. It´s obvious that germany overall has great spots, but the southern part really lacks one of these intense events

  17. Llyr Jones

    The next “Builder’s Jam” should take place in Llanberis North Wales, as there are some awesome skater’s in the area but the quality of the metal skatepark’s have passed their time as the rust worsens and needs new life. So I ask if you might consider coming to North Wales for the oncoming “Builder’s Jam” as it could attract more people to the sport of skateboarding in my neighborhood as the place is infested with scooters.

  18. Dinko

    In Berlin. To capture some street art combined with great skating – a lot of diversity going on like that!

  19. Ry

    Have been helping build a park in Lewes, UK with Nick Smith. Would be awsome to have some more DIY in the Uk

  20. Laurie

    Guys at kingpin, thanks for another awesome mag. I think the next builder’s jam should be held in Brazil, Rio, for sure. Builder’s jam looks like it did an amazing job at bringing skating culture to India and Bangalore and I think the good work helping out poorer third-world countries like Brazil is really important to the future of skating. To build a crazy skatepark in amongst the favelas would be awesome and really improve the grass-roots of skating in south America. Plus all the massive events happing in Brazil soon skating deserves to be repped, I reckon there is definitely gonna be a massive buzz in Rio de Janeiro, I have never been to brazil but it seems perfect. Whooaa hope that’s not too long

  21. Martin

    the next Builder`s Jam should take place in the Antartica, because there is nothing! ..just winter and snow 😀 😀 Let’s surprise the penguins!!

  22. Justine

    Next Builder’s Jam should take place in Paris because there is lots of différents spots and it would be very impressive!

  23. Nathan

    I reckon it should be held in London! There are some iconic skate points (like south bank) and it would be interesting to see pro skaters from all over the world bringing some new tricks to the scene. Also, like most other places,skating is looked down upon as a nuisance and it may raise awareness to the modern sport/art in Britain.

  24. @Pura_Vida_Antoine

    The perfect position for the next builder’s jam is in India, indian people don’t know so much skateboarding but they are interested by skateboarders. And they understand skateboarding is an art before being a sport.
    Pura vida
    Viva Skate

  25. Duncan Buck

    should be in Uganda with the skateboard union guys. They shred hard

  26. federico+ultimini

    It should take palce at the Malmo bowlrider, because the bowl is huge next to the sea and Malmo is such a nice city, all the people from there are well known for their good humor and hey! dont forget the good food :)

  27. Louis

    It should be in India or France !!!! Because i think it´s great to go in country where it’s not realy popular and i am sure hé have a lot of good spot and the people are great. And France because hé have a perfect food :p and a lot of people don’t now what we CAN do in France because a lot of city are perfect for skateboarding like Lyon, Paris and other little city!!!

  28. Pater



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