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Globe cruiserboard comp.

Globe cruiserboard comp.

Arthur Derrien Arthur Derrien

For a chance to win a ton of Globe gear (the cruiserboard, shoes, hat, bag, socks, shirt and chinos shown below) all you need to do is watch this clip and tell us (in the comments section below) which of the boards featured in it is your favorite.

Check out the gallery below for the full range:


The prizes:
Globe prize collage

  1. federico ultimini

    I like the bantam true all around fun!

    1. Marlon Garcia

      The purple cruiser with the choppy side is so sick. Reminds me of the old schmitt stix “rip saw” pick me I know my stuffffff!

  2. Sam Young

    The Bandit Fat is so so good.
    If I win, can you guys throw a party like that for me? Cheers!

  3. James Taylor

    That Bandit Fat is unquestionably my favourite!! :)

  4. Robert Gifford

    Bandit Fat!

  5. Martin

    I LOVE Globe Bantam Clear Tortoise Shell!! :)

  6. Finn

    the bantam clear tortoise shell is my favourite!

  7. Drstrangelove0

    Banshee Camo

  8. Felix Purrmann

    Hawaiian style is sick!!!

  9. Otso Perasaari

    Blaster Blazing Green!!!

  10. Andrew Halliwell

    I like the Banshee_Camo

  11. nicolas caminade

    FAT BANDIT Off White !!!

  12. Nils Leibeling

    I really dig the blaster purple. so sick…

  13. Jurij

    Bandit_Fat for a fatso like me 😛

  14. Rando Liiva

    Bandit fat!

  15. Jamie

    Byron Bay Rosewood! Ooft

  16. Henry Calvert

    BANDIT FAT! is great man

  17. Justine






    My favorite is the Banshee Palms! Just beautiful!

  18. Kaat Michielsen

    My favorite is the banshee palms for sure. Sickest board ever!!!!!

  19. llyrjones97

    My favorite board from the clip is the Blaster Blazing Red , it looks sick man !!!:)

  20. alexander hay

    Ther was boards in that vid??… would have to be the Byron bay rosewood.badass!!

  21. Silas Nichols

    Bandit Fat

  22. James Bradley

    Le bandit ‘fat’ looks rather swish and dapper for getting ye olde shred on.

  23. Frank Lehmann

    the BANSHEE Yellow Palms for sure!!!

  24. Nancy Kaiser

    I like the SPEARPOINT BAMBOO in Red :)

  25. Sam

    boards??? I definitely didn’t notice any boards in that video…

  26. Scott Perry

    palms for sure

  27. Roberto Munoz

    That Arrowhead Spearpoint Bamboo its seems too nice …

  28. lukas

    bandit fat is awesome!

  29. Stelios


  30. massimo

    Blazing red Blaster!

  31. Silas


  32. Christian Lehmann

    the Banshee one in Yellow Palm looks nice and it´s the most similar to a basic skateboard :)

  33. John Seaman

    The Bandit Fat for sure!

  34. Niklas O

    Banshee Palms. Surfin’ the ‘crete, dude!

  35. Aux


  36. Peter+RN

    Bandit Fat!!!!! swaggeh bruh

  37. zano

    Bandit Skinny!

  38. Bruce Hodgkiss

    Arrowhead spearpoint bamboo! Yessss Please!

  39. braz_beans

    the blaster blazing green reminds me of my first good board – I lost 2 teeth riding that thing and i still miss it. right now i’d have to say that the arrowhead spearpoint bamboo makes me want to cry (happy tears yo)

  40. Trevor Truscott

    Banshee_Camo shmanshmee shmamo winning

  41. Suzanne Griffiths

    I love the Blaster Blazing Red. It is awesome.

  42. Nick Sherliker

    Arrowhead looks sweet

  43. David+Dawson

    Banshee Camo

  44. James

    Bandit Fat

  45. luke irving

    bantam tortoise shell!

  46. Jimbo

    BANSHEE PALMS!!!!!!!

  47. Rachael Garbett

    the blasters are all sick and love the arrowhead :)

  48. Chris Talintyre


  49. Simon V

    Arrowhead_Spearpoint_Bamboo – love this board man

  50. JD

    Banshee Palms!

  51. May Lee

    Banshee Palms

  52. Marc

    The Bandit Fat kills!!

  53. Richard Osman

    The Bandit Fat !!!


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