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Death's Dan Cates Remember Chernobyl Comp

Death's Dan Cates Remember Chernobyl Comp

Arthur Derrien Arthur Derrien


For a chance to win this beautiful Death board all you need to do is answer this very simple question in the comments: how old is Dan Cates?

  1. Faure

    UK-I just love your Boards !!!!
    FR-J’adore vos planches !!!

    Just ride :p
    Juste rouler :p

    I love this Board
    J’aime cette planche

    I want one for my birthday
    J’en veut une pour mon anniversaire

  2. Javier

    The professional poker player is 23.
    But the man you arre talking about… Don’t really know. Only know he started skating in the late 80’s.

  3. hoes_heffers

    Fucking impossible to Google that shit. He has to be old as hell though, cause he did that Simon Woodstock tribute on some cover a while back and it ain’t nobody under 30 doing shit like that. I’d guess 31, maybe?

    Just remember he had a clip with him riding a longboard in a mini, so make my guess 33 instead.

  4. Louis

    I think 38,39,40 or 41 years but not sure i hope is that and i Will win ! :)

    1. louis

      37 or 38 i Hope i Will win

  5. Jack Hamilton

    Dan Cates is 37

  6. Bērziņš Edgars

    37 to 38

  7. van dyk


  8. Eiphaze

    Hi dudes, Dan Cates is 23 😉

    1. Eiphaze

      Ahah, i meant 32 :)

  9. Thomas

    Skate every damn day !

  10. Justine

    I think he has 38 years old.

  11. Tim Coombs

    Does it have to be correct to win the deck? Fuck it, six and three quarters.

  12. wieger

    this gentleman is 36 years old

  13. Daniel


  14. federico ultimini

    He is 37

  15. Cameron Wood

    Dude dan cates is 37 im sure

  16. NAthan

    sure it’s 37

  17. Andrew Halliwell

    No idea, so I’ll stick with the majority and say

  18. Llŷr Jones

    36 years old

  19. James

    Well, he started in ’87, so I’d guess somewhere around 37, but my real answer is this,
    not as “old” as his age, skateboarding’s good at doing that for you…, : )

  20. horsey

    I recently had my hands on his passport. 36.

  21. Steven

    I think he’s 36!

  22. Kaat Michielsen

    I believe he is 39 years old

  23. alexander hay

    fo shizzle 36

  24. Silas+Nichols


  25. David+Dawson



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