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Vans Shop Riot is back once again! Charged with the task of championing your local store, whilst saving the world from boring contests and robotic skateboarding, Vans Shop Riot steps up to the mark and kicks some ass. Giving your local store team the opportunity get in on the ass kicking and fight their way to the finals, this years Vans Shop Riot takes in a mighty 16 stops before crowning one the winner.

The format sees Europe’s finest skate shops assemble their best teams to do battle. First they come head to head with their familiar rivals in a local showdown, then the victorious team from each battle progresses to the finals, to be held at Flesh & Bones Skatepark, Belgium, in October.

The first Vans Shop Riot of 2014 pitches the best stores from Czech Republic and Slovakia against each other, before the series moves on to the Netherlands and Germany. Other the next five months, the series tours France, Poland, Russia, UK, Spain, Greece, Israel, Switzerland, the Nordics, back to the UK, Italy, Portugal and Belgium, before returning to Belgium for the deciding battle that’ll crown this year’s winners.

Czech store ‘Street Market’ were worthy winners of the series in 2012 and made the European Finals again in 2013, so the first stop of the 2014 Vans Shop Riot promises to get things off to a good start with a high level of skateboarding and

The Vans Shop Riot Series was created back in 2009 with the intention of promoting the grass roots of European skateboarding, fostering team spirit and championing your local skate shop. The success of the series illustrates just how damn fine our continents skate shops, skateboarders and scene really is, whilst also showing Vans’ commitment to our community.

Find out more about the Vans Shop Riot, see edits, meet the teams and more news at

www.vansshopriot.com & facebook.com/vanseurope

ee what went down at last year’s final, here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHIwIDYRlt8

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