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Photo/video recap of Julien Bénoliel’s invitational DIY bowl contest in Marseille with Karsten Kleppan, Fernado Bramsmark and many more.

As I mentioned last week there’s a lot going on in Marseille from the 25th of April to 9th of June. Here are a few photos (Louis Miossec) and videos from last weekend.

When I first heard about Julien Benoliel’s invitational best trick contest at the DIY bowl he built I was a little sceptical. I knew he would invite the right people but at the same time that thing is so ridiculously tight that I just couldn’t see how anyone could do proper tricks in it, even dropping in feels gnarly. I can’t believe some of the shit that Karsten, Fernando and Jarne managed to do…


Juju obviously smashed it.



The Volcom europe team ( Eniz, Axel…) also came down for a little demo…

Karsten was doing some nice frontside crooked grinds…


Jelle Keppens hung up a few photos.


Tommy Guerrero played some music.


Bud, Marseille’s first real skateshop in almost 10 years finally opened it’s doors.



For more information about the events to come (Cliché and Lakai demos, the Wu-Tang concert, etc.) visit This Is Not Music‘s official website.


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