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Skateboard company Birdhouse, based in Huntington Beach, California, was started by former Powell Peralta pros Tony Hawk and Per Welinder in 1992. It was part of the Blitz Distribution family along with Fury Trucks, Hook-Ups Skateboards and SK8MAFIA Skateboards until 2010, when it joined up with Syndrome Distribution, worldwide distributor and manufacturer of brands including Silver Trucks, BLVD Skateboards, FKD Bearings and Traffic Skateboards.

The Birdhouse Skateboards team features Hawk, as well as pros Kevin Staab, Willy Santos, Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki and Clint Walker, plus ams Clive Dixon, David Loy, Shaun Gregoire, Shawn Hale and Elliot Sloan. The newest member of the pro roster is young Texan bowl buster Ben Raybourn, whose welcome video from 2012, also featuring Homoki, shows him ripping in his natural cement environment.

Birdhouse produces completes, decks and wheels, including the Hawk signature Raven Skull, McSqueeb and Falcon Bones decks, and signature models from other team members including Raybourn, Walker, Santos and Staab. Apparel and accessories are also part of the Birdhouse catalogue.

Birdhouse’s many videos include a number of VHSs released in the 90s – such as Feasters, Ravers and the Jamie Mosberg-directed The End – all featuring the talents of Hawk along with riders including Mark Gonzales, Andrew Reynolds, and Steve Berra. A new full-length film entitled The Beginning was released in 2007, featuring Hawk, Santos, Jeremy Klein, Steve Nesser, Brian Sumner and Shaun White. Birdhouse is also behind the popular YouTube skateboarding channel RIDE.


Year founded
Founder Name
Tony Hawk and Per Welinder
Based in
Vista, CA