[NSFW] Div Adam Savoir Faire Alternate Edit Contains very very rude words from the outset.

Sections from UK scene video, Savoir Faire (circa 2008), have recently been appearing on Sidewalk Magazine‘s website of late prompting me to hound Kev Parrot and track down this OG edit of Div Adam’s section, edited a full year before the DVD dropped.

Div decided against using this song in the end and the footage was only ever recovered in it’s preview state so the quality’s a bit pish but I still think it’s pretty dope, you can be the judge.

Like i said before, contains really rude words used in the song from the outset.

So if you can’t hack words like: anal, c*nt, dick and are opposed misogynistic lyrics. Don’t watch it with the sound up.

You can peep the OG section below: